About us


Why a men's recovery house?

The need is great.  Recidivism continues to be an issue largely unanswered.  Both locally and nationally, men are twice as likely as women to overdose.  We see jails and prisons getting bigger and rental prices continue to rise higher.  Many men need hope.  They need a next step; a step into an environment that is affordable and supports their recovery.

The Foundry House will provide that space to call home for 8 months in order to set each man up for lasting success..  Through required daily 12-Step meetings, Bible study, required Celebrate Recovery and church attendance; each resident will be introduced to pathways of healing and sobriety.  Through daily reviews together, giving back to the community through service projects, and constant mentoring by “The Foundry Family,” each man will encounter social restoration.  And through job skills training and job placement through the community surrounding The Foundry House, each man will have the opportunity to gain meaningful, livable wage employment after the first 45-60 days in the house.

Inner Healing
Social Restoration
Vocational Rehabilitation

Rebuilding men to reflect God's design.

The Foundry House is a Christian environment that forms “Foundry Men.”  

Issues of identity are wrestled with and worked through, as these drive our habits and are often lurking in the background behind each man’s dominant life issue.  Through study, mentoring, and experience each man is invited live out the following identity statements:

  • I am a man of Faith.
  • I am Obedient to God’s Word.
  • I Understand who I am in Christ.
  • I Nourish my soul on spiritual food.
  • I Desire to grow in the Spirit.
  • I am Ready to serve.
  • I Yield myself to Christ’s care.


    I am a FOUNDRY man.


3 Phases to Full Recovery

Imagine recovery without the stress of focusing on pressures related to survival. We walk with our residents to help them gain stability in sobriety prior to beginning stable employment.

The Need We Can't Ignore

The men in our communities have been stuck in a cycle of brokenness and hopelessness for too long.  The chains of addiction can be broken and we along with our partners aim to make a healthy lifestyle of recovery a reality for the men we serve.

Community Partners